Geelong: Fast-tracking investor dreams to ingenious reality

Navigating a client’s initial vision to project optimization in record time is equally as much a builders’ dream as it is investors. Fortunately, it’s possible. Project Circular have successfully broken the code and turning investor wish-lists into timely plans, without breaking budget rules. Discover how our tactical steps and leadership helped maximise design potential, planning and build for a Senior Home Lending Specialist recognising now is the best time to invest with such low interest rates.

Designing and building your investment property can feel like moving mountains at times, with plenty of frustrating obstacles along the road and invisible options on how to maximize property potential…

I know, banks may not loan out the money you need, the architects you hired can’t come up with the blueprints they promised, and the back and forth between you and another builder crushes your investment dreams and costs more money unnecessarily. I’ve heard it all and I’m here to reassure you that planning and building your investment property with Project Circular is a wonderfully productive and rewarding experience.

On the flipside, being faced with so many choices and uncertainty about the potential outcomes can be mildly terrifying, especially if you have never before had to make decisions or have little time to manage and stay ahead of all the variables – but our objective is to help you every step of the way.

Engaging with Project Circular early, means we can help you develop plans with our architect, provide exact budgets and costs as well as simultaneously run through council and give you practical insight into how your property potential can be improved.

The successful synergy of the Osborne Avenue project started from the very first phone-call when the investor, a senior home lending specialist at the Commonwealth Bank, brought their non- negotiables to our first conversation and I listened to their must haves – tenacity and maximised potential, being the guiding elements.

“Adrian provided his expert advice in advance and immediately knew what was possible without needing to reference council regulations. This was genius and positioned us ahead of the investor game.”

Understandably, investors, too, often want to fast track the process of building wherever possible and may be less concerned about personalizing the build and more focused on maximizing the potential return on their investment. We get it. In fact, we only proceed with plans until our clients have an exact cost from us. This assures we can get council approval on what you planned, and investors start collecting returns sooner than anticipated.

To ensure our clients plan and build an investment property that brings about a competitive edge, we make sure the blueprints clearly show how your design should be built and what it will cost you. “Having detailed breakdowns and a true investment cost upfront with no room for

additional or hidden expenses along the way, means there’s no need (for us) to re-apply for extending borrowing capacity and have the project stall.”

After our first meeting with our Osborne Ave clients, we sat down with our architect and extended team to layout the client’s non-negotiables – emphasising the key elements the investors were not willing to compromise on. Project Circulars’ architects can make sure the design you need is clear cut and refine an impossible idea you have into something possible for me, the builder, to accomplish.

And since we already know your budget, we can assess the room for any lavish additions (remembering this is an investment property wanting to gain a competitive advantage, so why not, right?). If there are elements that eat too much of your budget, we can also make sure your must-haves stay in the blueprints and are built to perfection come hand-over day.

“Project Circular knew our competition upfront and there was no need for us, the investors, to research and better understand how our investment property could differentiate itself and appeal to more buyers in Geelong’s growing investment market.”

Choosing everything from the materials and colours for your roof, floor, bathroom and kitchen tiles, through to the interior and exterior walls, flooring, carpets and cabinetry opens up a lavish array of competitive possibilities.

Our interior and exterior colour-boards remove the guesswork from the selection process and ensure the investment properties look just as stylish as your nearest competitor that may have inspired the selection of your style.

I knew our consultant and builder objectives were met when I received a call from our Osborne Ave investors to say, “When we saw the approved planning permits come through, we knew celebrations were in order: the return on our investment property was well on its way, much sooner than we could’ve done so ourselves.”

This was and is a significant mutual milestone. No more putting up with a bland, spec townhouses that look like the rest of the street, and no more compromises on structuring your life around the investment. You’re on track for an investment property on your own terms, and competitive success to look forward to.

Inspiringly, the Osborne Ave project is currently at frame stage with completion of the townhouses due in June 2021.

Watch this space.