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Geelong's premier custom home builder

Design masterfully. Plan precisely. Build perfectly.

At Project Circular we create builds that reflect unique character and thinking. Whether you’re looking for a tree-change and dreaming of creating a custom-built home or wanting to maximise land potential with a multi-unit and townhouse development; our creative teams have the versatility to deliver the desired effect alongside smart design, expert planning and optimal finishes. We are a builder with investor values. Breaking new ground with our dual offer of ‘Consultant’ and ‘Builder’ to a diverse portfolio of properties in suburban, coastal and country areas, Project Circular is only limited by imagination.

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We are a specialist residential building company breaking new ground in the design, planning and build of multi-use developments in the City of Greater Geelong.

At Project Circular we collaborate with clients from ‘brief to build,’ helping create possibilities invisible to them.

Our aim is to masterfully plan, simplify and accelerate progress, streamlining all elements of the building process with full-circle energy in rotation.

We take pride in our most important work – partnering with clients – to manifest uniqueness alongside continuous engagement andconsultation.

We work side-by-side with first-time builds and seasonal investors, helping bring transparency, stability, quality and profitability to property.

Our clients rely on us because we are a builder with investor values, managing all projects like they’re our own.

And it continues with our ability to understand the need for smarter solutions, optimal finishes and structural integrity without compromising quality.

As a locally owned residential building company we understand why our clients want to live and invest here; because Greater Geelong is amongst the most profitable in regional Victoria, continuing to attract and gain strong property momentum.



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