Greater Geelong: Building a clever, creative city-region

2020 has provided Project Circular with a unique opportunity to help bridge gaps in the cliché residential builder offer, as well as, re-evaluate the spaces we build: how clients spend their time in them and where they look to invest.

The need for reinvention has always been part of our naturally evolving style, never ceasing to elevate what we produce and the process of how we deliver. We take pride in being at the forefront with our approach to changes and are breaking new ground amongst industry with our ‘brief to build’ capacity and offering.

In our everyday work, we see how creativity drives culture and recognise the significance in having a unique footprint in an industry and region thirsty for innovation and new ways of thinking. 

Our unique contribution to this enterprising region is in our approach to be open and collaborative with our clients, suppliers and trades. And it comes down to our perfect pairing of ‘project consultant’ and ’builder’ that is adding creative value and encouraging dialogue, opinion, shared learning and critique.

The infrastructure and productive minds are already here and growing, working alongside us every day. We rotate architects and designers to stimulate creativity, maximise space and surroundings and provoke inquiry for every project. This means our projects are always a broader part of urban design, new housing needs and models for higher density and sustainable living.

Hosting thought-provoking designs and builds by Greater Geelong’s coastline, suburbia and country areas requires our flexibility to respond to shifts in community values, innovation, regulations, design and demographics of new and upcoming economic drivers and gaps.

Understanding the values of the greater community and new lifestyle influences helps us sway the built form of our architecture and design to be less complicated and more enduring – always drawn to last.

We know success in urban and residential infrastructure involves design that makes best use of technology for better and more sustainable living; the uniqueness and significance of natural bushland, coastlines, wetlands, rivers and beaches; and design excellence and innovation in new buildings.

This success is only achieved by the development of creative industries and a culture of thinking outside the square, together with, well-connected and diverse businesses that focus on the greater benefits of the region.

We believe Greater Geelong has great potential to grow. Momentum in property investment is predicted to rise due to the combined impact of population growth, diversified industries, new infrastructure and increasing recognition of the regions potential.

Once our clients make the big choices, the rest is up to Project Circular to put it together. We are fortunate to work together with clients, projects and sites that are inspiring.

This excites us.

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