Hamlyn Heights | How Project Circular is generating new investor records with quality builds combining design and locality

Adrian Desa - Crows Rd Eleveation 1

With thousands of square kilometres on offer across the region of Greater Geelong, how do you narrow down the search on where to invest? You could be looking for a high-growth town to build an investment property, or maybe you want to live in a community with a certain buzz about it. Either way, the good news is that if it’s the right spot, Project Circular is probably already building there.

Quick land sales estates may seem like the perfect option to buyers now – but it’s the fusion of custom design and locality that will consistently succeed in leading investors to the inevitable sale, now and in the future – and the area of Hamlyn Heights is a prime example of custom-built, multi-dwelling sites being snapped up at exceeding competitive prices.

One of Project Circular’s recent Hamlyn Heights project is an example of such fusion within a zone where our broader design team and investors alike are embracing regionalism and new building materials, given that these structures need to be built to withstand future demands and councils growing urban vision.

“Project Circular helps clients hunt-out the best growth areas for the opportunity to subdivide and build a multi-site
development with competitive modern features.” With increased investment sentiment new builds are being
characterised by the reliance on needs, construction materials and new ideas specific to its particular locality – a type of design / architecture which is ingenious to a specific time and place and not replicated elsewhere.

In this time of rapid urbanisation, Hamlyn Heights is growing and rising amongst its surrounding suburbs – a middle to upmarket residential suburb, it has a fine array of sporting facilities around the Vines Road community centre. The suburb offers sweeping views across Corio Bay and is some parts, north to the You Yangs. Hamlyn Heights is central to everything – just 10 minutes’ drive from Geelong, 50 minutes from Melbourne and 30 minutes from the Surfcoast; and the Midland Highway provides a direct link with some of Victoria’s favourite inland destinations.

These surrounding indicators are the key build / investment drivers behind elements of Project Circulars’ functional
design for the location, the process of responding to the needs and desires of the residents who will use the property
in a way that allows their needs or lifestyle desires to be met. Functional design is both an outcome and a process.

Good design that accommodates locality draws buyers in, whether through visual appeal, feel, ease of use, or sheer
amazement. Anyone who has stepped into a well-planned build and felt the desire to build or live in the space has
experienced this – the property just feels right.

“We work with clients to maximise land space whilst considering unique ways we can incorporate seamless
functional transitions in design that are built for the locality, infrastructure and future investor needs.”

This is, in part, the aesthetic value of design in the right locality – we are naturally drawn to things we find worth
investing in – and this is Project Circular’s key driver. But aesthetics is hardly the limit of what makes a property worth investing in. There are plenty of new areas out there that are selling house and land packages – but what will these areas look like in the future and how will investors in 10 years from now appreciate them?

“Since the beginning of my career in building, it’s never been ‘a build as usual.’ With the constant adaptation of
increased property prices, increased demand for land, building for investment has incorporated the skills and
expertise of local builders as opposed to formally-trained architects.”

Project Circular’s properties centre on the functions that the building type is required to perform in its location. This means the design generally will evolve over time, becoming more refined and tailored to the contexts in which it exists, including the availability of resources, local technology and innovation, climate, local culture, transport, environment, economic conditions and historical influences.

Adrian explains, “I’m always readily available to help guide purchase and investment decisions and happy to share my in-depth knowledge of Greater Geelong’s local markets and what the locality means for the build. Project Circular knows which areas are pockets of growth.”

Want to know more about where to invest and more on Project Circular’s most recent Hamlyn Heights multi-site development that broke sales records? Contact Adrian today or read more here Geelong: Hamlyn Heights townhouse development – Project Circular